Key Event Highlights

As the workplace safety and health event for the built-environment industry, the 7th Work Safe Asia 2021 offers exhibitors the opportunity to meet, network and sell to a highly targeted buyer groups that include:

  1. Engineers / Technicians
  2. Factory / Plant Managers
  3. Government & Regulatory Bodies
  4. Health Officers
  5. Human Resource Personnel
  6. Inspectors & Authorities
  7. Occupational Physicians & Nurses
  8. Office / Facilities Designers / Practitioners and Consultants
  9. OSH Experts / Consultants
  10. Product Suppliers, Distributors & Dealers
  11. Proprietors & Managers
  12. Safety Officers & Managers
  13. Supervisors

Discover the latest trends and developments at the conferences and special event features presented at the 7th WSA 2021:

WSH Forum for Facilities Management Industry 2021

Organised by the WSH Council, Ministry of Manpower, the forum provides a platform for insightful discussions, shared experiences and brilliant ideas in relation to workplace safety and occupational health.

7th International Facility Management Conference (IFMC) 2021

Organised with special focus on SMART Facility Management applications and solutions.

WSH Tech Pavilion

A showcase of digital application technologies, solutions, products and services for a safer workplace in the post-Covid world.

Robotics, UAV & Automation Pavilion

A showcase of robots, UAV and automation for workplace safety applications.